About Me

Name: Francesco Paduano

Location: Naples, Italy

His passion for digital art started in 1984 using a simple PC as MSX, later on he moved to commodore 64 and Amiga, home computers, feeling that computer graphics were the new expression method and thorough knowledge of the subject, would help him in his career.
In 1990 he got a degree as Art Teacher (at National Arts Institute).
In 1992 he became specialist in interior design (at National Arts Institute).
In 1994 he is Art director for N.L. Publishing.
In 1997 he worked on the 2D-3D graphics and the cinematic animations in Syyrah The Warp Hunter for Pixelstorm.
In 1998 he worked on the 2D-3D graphics for Puma Street Soccer for Sony Playstation and PC intel versions for Pixelstorm s.a.s., Sunsoft Europe, Infogrames Distribution and Puma.
In 1999 he worked on the 2D-3D graphics for Chris Kamara Street Soccer for Sony Playstation and Color Gameboy versions for Pixelstorm.
In 2000 he’s one of founders of Raylight Studios srl an italian games developer company where he’s the Artists Supervisor.
In the Raylight he worked on the most popular game titles for Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Sony PS1, Sony PSP, Nintendo Wii and PC.
To day he work in the Raylight managment Staff and in freelance works as a professional in the graphic field and computer graphic (both 2D and 3D).

Specialties Area(s) of expertise
3D Modeling / Generalist/ Developing

Preferred tools
3ds max, Maya, Fusion, Photoshop, Mudbox, ZBrush, Vray, Mentalray.

Skills & Expertise
CGI, 3D Modelling, Texture Painting, Rigging, Compositing, Shaders, Personnel Managment

English - Italian

Senior Artist
February 1996 – November 1999 (3 years 10 months)Naples
3d 2d Artist

Co-Founder - Lead Artists
Raylight Srl
October 1999 – Present

Autodesk 3DS Max plug-ins
XrayBlend Skin
JoyCreator lite
JoyCreator PRO
Rattle 1.0
FastIDPass 1.0
EasySkin 1.0

Autodesk Maya plug-ins
Xrayunwrap 1.5.6 for Maya

Nintendo Game Boy Advance projects
Speedball 2 - Wanadoo Edition
Superman: Countdown to Apokolips - Infogrames
Wings Advance - Metro 3D
Wing Commander Prophecy - Electronic Arts
R-type III: The Third Lightning - Destination Software
Lego Knight Kingdom - THQ
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge - THQ
Smashing Drive - Namco
Spiderman: The movie 2 - Activision
Ozzy & Drix - Midway
Street Racing Syndicate - Namco
Big Mutha Truckers - Destination Software

Nintendo DS projects
Big Mutha Truckers - Destination software
My Little Baby - DTP young
Train your Senses - DTP young
2 in 1 Majhong - Treva Entertainment
2 in 1 My Little Baby + My Boyfriend - Treva Entertainment
3 in 1 Pet Vet + Pet Vet AU + Riding Start 3 - Treva Entertainment

Sony PS One projects
Chris Kamara's Street Soccer

Sony PSP projects
Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing - Mattel/Destination Software

Android projects
Deer Drive Legends
My Little Baby - Treva Entertainment

iOS projects
My Little Baby - DTP young
AXL Accelerate Brake Boost - Spinvector
Deer Drive Legends - Maximum Games

Nintendo 3DS projects
Deer Drive Legends
Western Horse - Treva Entertainment
My Little Baby - Treva Entertainment

Nintendo Wii projects
Free Running - Reef Entertainment
Sniper Elite - Reef Entertainment
My Little Baby - DTP young
Fit Music - Oxygene Media (lotcheck external consultant)
Deer Drive Legends - Maximum Games

PC projects
Syyrah the Warp Hunter - Sunsoft
Puma Street Soccer - Sunsoft
Free Running - Reef Entertainment
My Little Baby - DTP young
Deer Drive Legends - Maximum Games

Samsung BADA projects
My Little Baby - Samsung

Honors & Awards
CG Choice Award Gallery from cgsociety.org

Elemental 2 - Ballistic Publishing World Wide
ELEMENTAL books showcase the world’s best digital artwork created with Autodesk software. The first edition was released two years ago and has received critical acclaim around the world. ELEMENTAL 2 is packed with exciting imagery from Autodesk customers working in the fields of visual effects, animation, game development, architectural and design visualization.